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Last season, the Mens New Jordans Rockets using fast play the league’s best offensive teams, team principal means of attack there are three kinds, namely, pick and roll, singles and third. Among these, the Rockets do best way to attack is the pick and roll, pick and roll team is 12-13 season playing one of the best teams. With Howard to join next season, the Rockets pick and roll is bound to become a nightmare for the other team league. Rockets last season, half-court offense, 1/4 running the pick and roll, and very sharp. Data show that the efficiency of the Rockets is the average per round pick and roll was 0.92 points, ranked No. 3 in the league, behind the Knicks and Heat. There are two kinds of tactical screens Results 1 is a cover of the ball in after a shot; No. 2 is holding the ball to cover people who complete the attack by the latter. First kind, the Rockets in the league in the first place. While the first two kinds, the Rockets ranked No. 10.
Rockets tactical Girls Jordans 2013 screens can be successful, should be a sense of Xie Hadeng. Rockets last season, played a total of 1700 times the pick and roll, of which more than 500 times by Harden launched. And Harden use of screens, each round to get a point in the entire NBA ranked five, even higher than Chris – Paul. On the other hand, the data shows Harden in the pick and roll, the general will choose his shot, that Rockets offense although there are powerful, but the biggest drawback is the lack of change. On this point, you can explain it, because the main center Asik last season, is not to force. Turks cover quality is really good, but the cover of the ball immediately after the completion of his score ranked only No. 55 in the league! Yes, Asik a lot of progress, but he did not pace, can not be on the offensive end the way the diversity score.
Howard has long been the Nike MAG Shoes best closer in the pick and roll, even the downturn last season, he averaged 1.29 points per possessions, Biexike a full 30% higher. Yes, World of Warcraft in this regard score even higher than his back singles and defense conversion. Can be seen through the game, pick and roll the ball layup (dunk) is the most efficient way to score Howard, I believe next season will be the Rockets’ main means of attack. Howard’s favorite way to score is empty then, I believe that the next season off the city in this regard have enough shoulder to shoulder to empty the city reputation Clippers. With Howard’s cover, Harden on offense to have more space shot, he could be multiple choices, including his shot, the ball to Howard, as well as outside a congregation pitcher. Do not forget, perhaps the Rockets will send Howard and Asik’s twin towers. In this case, the screens will become the biggest weapon Rockets.

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